Considerations When Hiring A Security Company

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If you are in need of some security company services, be sure to choose a security company that can protect your business or property very well.

You may think security guard hiring is a trivial matter. However, not all security guard companies provide the same level of service which means you must do some homework in advance.

Finding a security company to protect your business or property, that is the best fit for your requirements, is an important decision. Before you commit to hiring a security company, here are some questions you may want to ask.

Are They Customer Service Oriented?

Although the company you hire should have security as their top priority, customer service should also be at the top of that list. Any business that fails to embrace the importance of customer service could be a challenge to deal with.

Are They Locally-Owned or Part of a Franchise Chain?

Although large chain operations may have some advantages, a local contractor will more than likely be your best bet. The reason for this is that a local business can serve you better, providing more attention and responsiveness. Large chains can tend to be far less personal in service, where you can become just another number.

Is The Company Focused On Providing Security?

This may sound unusual, but if the company you hire is called Fred’s Plumbing, Heating & Security Service, chances are that security is not their main focus. You want to avoid companies where security is an added feature rather than the sole purpose of their business.

Are There Uniform Options Available?

If your intention is to hire a security service provider for a special occasion, you may want the guards to appear at your function in something other than a police-style uniform. The company you hire should have other clothing options available including plain clothes to fit the occasion.

What Kind of Reputation Does The Company Have?

The internet provides you with easy access to online reviews and feedback of most businesses. Look at online ratings and reviews and scour social media networks such as Google My Business, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You should be able to get an idea of how professional the company is and whether they provide a good service. You can also ask for client references so you can check on their level of satisfaction.

Can The Company Meet Your Requirements?

The security company you intend to hire should be able to provide the right level of service for your requirements and be flexible enough to work with your schedule. They should be able to accommodate holidays as well as coverage for short-term periods. Since every business is different, you need a security company that is flexible enough to accommodate all your needs.

Are They Licensed And Insured?

Although this may seem obvious, it is still a good idea to request and check this information. When you hire a security guard the company should have all the necessary paperwork, valid licenses, and insurance policies to verify they are fully covered. This includes accident and liability coverage.

What Kind of Training Do The Guards Have?

The security company you intend to hire should have guards that are properly trained in all security-related matters. It should include the basics but you also want to ensure that the security guards are capable of responding properly to any situation that may arise during the course of their work, including emergency situations.

Are They Cooperative and Helpful?

One way to assess the business and the security company services they provide is the manner in which they respond to your requests for information before hiring them. Are they helpful and easy to communicate with? Are they easy to get in touch with? If they are hesitant or seem annoyed with your questioning, you know they are not the company to hire.

Is The Company Well-Managed?

You would ideally want to hire the services of a security company that has strong management. Ask for certifications and qualifications in business management for information. Previous, related experience in the security or law enforcement fields would also be beneficial.

What Do The Contracts Cover?

Long before you make your final decision on hiring a security service provider you will want to see what details are contained in a contract for service. You will want to verify that the contract spells out the commitment requirements of both sides and does so clearly and concisely. Understand exactly what is and is not included.

What Is The Cost of Service?

The security guards for hire should have competitive pricing with other security firms offering the same kinds of service. You will also want to know what the billing cycle is if your company has to cover any incidentals and what extra add-ons can be considered at a later date.

Hiring A Security Company Is Serious Business

Taking the time to find the best security company to manage to look after your business is important. You need to have a reputable and reliable security company working for you.

If you are in need of professional security service, contact us at Urban Protection Group today for more information about the service we can provide you and your business.