Home & Business Security Tips During The Holidays

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Unattended and buildings that are not properly secured are attractive to thieves, especially during the holidays.

Just because you make take some time out over the festive season does not mean that criminals do. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

There can be an increase in security risk for many properties during the holidays, especially if that means leaving your primary residence or business empty this Christmas. Unattended and buildings that are not properly secured are attractive to thieves who think nothing of the season and will take the opportunity to take advantage of vacant premises.

In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) conducted a survey in 2015/16 which reported a total of 411,600 households experienced at least one break-in or attempted break-in to their home, garage or shed. This highlights that household security is a real issue, and since more homes and businesses are unattended during the holidays, it makes it even more important to have security options in place to protect your property and belongings during this time of year.

Tips To Help Secure Your Home Or Business This Holiday Season

1. Install A Security System

A security system these days can be installed wirelessly and can include not just motion detecting devices to trigger an alarm, but can include cameras. These systems are great for your home or business as you can monitor them via the internet from anywhere you happen to be.

2. Use Good Quality Locks

One way to prevent unauthorised access to a home or business is by having all entry points secured with good quality locks. Doors, windows, gates, and any other entrances or exits should have a secure lock in place at all times.

3. Neighbourhood Watch

If you live in a residential area, ask a neighbour or friend to stop by your home frequently to do a quick walkabout. For business owners, you cannot go wrong by hiring a security service like Urban Protection Group to provide a guard to either stay on site or make regular patrols at your business.

4. Eliminate Obvious Signs

Mail that collects over time and any other packages sitting outside the front door of your home or business are giveaways that no one is there. The same goes for general tidying up around the yard, removing garbage or any other potential item that could tip off a thief.

5. Put Some Lights On A Timer

One of the easiest ways to make your home or business appear to be occupied when it is empty is by the use of timers. You can set them to turn lights on or off, music, televisions and just about anything that will give your space a ‘lived in’ look and feel while you are gone.

6. Reduce Your Social Media Activity

Announcing your holiday plans may seem like a good idea on social media, however, it does open you up to potential security threats. Saying when you are gone and how long you will be away is an open invitation so try to save the holiday photo posts for after you get back home.

7. Use Your Security System

It can sometimes be bothersome to always activate your security system, even if you are going to be away for a short period of time. However, security systems work best in homes and businesses when they are actually used. Insurance claims may be void as well with the alarm off.

8. Notify Security Companies Of Your Holidays

If you have a security system that is being monitored by a security company, be sure to inform them of your holiday period. This is especially true if you have a business with unusual hours of operation. Sharing your holiday hours can make the difference between a false and a real alarm.

9. Seasonal Employee Security

If you have seasonal employees that work at either your home or business, you may wish to provide them with an individual alarm code that they can use. That same code should be one you can change once their employment period ends to prevent possible abuse over the holidays.

10. Watch Where You Hang Decorations

It is one of the many ways to show your festive side – by decorating your home and business. However, if your security system in either location includes camera or motion detecting devices, be sure to not block any of these with your holiday decorations.

For More Information

Are you going away for the holidays and have some security concerns? Contact us at Urban Protection Group. We can provide you with a home or business security solution to match your needs and put your mind at ease so you can have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!