Hospitality Security

Hospitality Security in Sydney NSW'With 25 years of experience providing hospitality security, we can provide a solution that is just the right fit for your business'

Urban Protection Group's specialised hospitality security team have experience in a wide range of venues, and have the skills to protect patrons and staff, while blending in with the character of your establishment.

Providing the right type of hotel security is often a challenge. Dealing with patrons who may be under the influence of alcohol requires excellent communication skills, high levels of emotional intelligence, and an innate understanding of how to deal with people in an appropriate and respectful manner.

We understand that patrons are your paying customers. And while we need to be wary of situations that could escalate, we also want to ensure the service we provide is in keeping with the unique style of your venue. Before placing an officer, we ensure he/she is the right fit in terms of their attitude, communication skills and presentation, and that they meet the expectations of your clientele.

  • Risk Assessment

    Because each licensed venue is different in terms of location, clientele, and culture, we always conduct a risk assessment of the premises, and the particular risks associated with it. We then design a hospitality security solution that is the best possible fit for your establishment.

  • Crowd Control

    Hotel safety and security starts with a sound knowledge of crowd control. Our hotel security officers are well versed in all aspects of crowd control. This includes:

    • Controlling entry into the premises
    • Monitoring behaviour
    • Identifying high-risk situations
    • Dealing with difficult patrons when necessary
    • RSA management
    • Lockout and legislation management
  • Customer Service

    Security in the hospitality industry always involves strong customer service skills.  Our guards are trained, not just in how to follow security procedures, but also in health and safety, and how to deal with your customers in a calm and professional manner.

    Urban Protection understands the importance of keeping their guards trained and up to date, and conduct training sessions with an experienced and highly-regarded security RTO. We provide our security guards with ongoing training covering various security functions.

    More than just a physical presence, our guards understand the importance of providing a safe and welcoming environment for your clientele, and have the communication techniques to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations effectively.

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