Retail Security – Tips To Improve Loss Prevention

retail security

Inventory and cash are prime targets and in order to reduce your risk you have to implement some retail security measures.

Owning and operating a business is tough enough in today’s economy. Aside from the competitiveness of the marketplace, one more way in which your business can suffer is through theft. Inventory and cash are the prime targets and in order to reduce your risk you have to look at security measures.

Here are a few tips to assist with retail loss prevention.

Loss Prevention Tips

1. Doors And Windows

When you secure your doors and windows you obviously deter theft. However, a secure door or window should contain more than just a good quality lock.

Windows can have bars installed, the glass can be replaced with secure glass that will not break or you can install roller shutters. Roller shutters can completely cover doors and windows providing improved security.

2. High Visibility Security

One excellent deterrent for thieves is to have security cameras and monitors out in the open. In other words, do not hide your security cameras or keep the video monitoring equipment stashed in the back store room.

The more obvious your digital and video security is, the less likely thieves will try something. It also will keep dishonest employees on their toes.

3. Train Your Staff

Your employees are your eyes and ears in and around your retail business where you can’t always be. As such, you may want to consider providing staff with training related to how they should be able to identify the signs of a shoplifter. With a properly trained staff you end up with additional people providing retail security services for your inventory and more.

4. Rethink Your Store Design

One great way to change the shoplifting opportunities in your business is to redesign how traffic flows inside your store and where inventory is located.

Changing the exit to where all customers must pass the checkout area may be a good start. Moving high-end stock away from the exits can also reduce the amount of grab ‘n’ run incidents at your business.

5. Make Contact With Customers

Customer service can go a long way to preventing some theft in your business. This means having all staff greet each person that enters your retail location. Also, have staff members roam the floor and ask customers if they require assistance.

This regular contact with customers means that staff can keep an eye on things and can deter would-be shoplifters.

6. Avoid Dummy Retail Security Systems

If you are serious about deterring the theft from your retail business, then you should consider investing in a high quality security alarm system.

Hanging cameras that do not record or just posting signs that say you have a system on site is not only dishonest, it won’t be much help if you do have a break-in or other incident and authorities request video tapes. Get a system that will actually do the job.

7. Reduce The Amount of Cash On Site

One way to reduce the temptation for theft of cash from your retail business is to not keep large sums of cash on-site. Letting cash build up during a busy sales day is just an invitation for a robbery.

8. Hire A Retail Security Guard

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the easiest. If your staff are swamped at holiday time or during a particularly popular sales event, you can still have peace of mind by hiring a security service.

Retail security services will provide a visual deterrent in the form of a uniformed presence. Plus, a trained security guard will know exactly what to do when needed.

9. Secure High Ticket Items

Expensive inventory items, such as electronics or designer products, may need another level of security. Locking these items behind non-breakable glass, storing them behind the counter, attaching them to shelving with locking devices or attaching shoplifter-proof tags all work well.

Your expensive inventory may require additional measures because they will attract even more attention from thieves.

10. Examine Your Insurance

Discuss your security concerns with your insurance broker. They will be able to advise you on what is or is not covered under your business policy. Plus, you may qualify for certain rate reductions just by installing an alarm system.

Your insurance policy should have all the coverage you require should any kind of theft occur at your retail outlet. So make sure that you carefully read and understand your policy so there are no surprises if you ever need to claim.

Retail Store Security Keeps Your Business Safe

The more measures you put in place, and less temptation you give thieves, the less likely you will experience losses. There are lots of different things you can do to improve retail security. As such, it can be hard to know where to start… but the points mentioned above are a good starting point.

By adding security measures – and keeping them in plain sight – you will not only reduce the risk of loss, your customers will feel safe supporting your business knowing you are serious about security.

If you need help with your retail store security, then make sure that you get in touch with us to discuss your options.