Shopping Centre Security – Key Considerations

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For shopping centre security you require a security service provider with proper training and experience in retail business security.

When you consider the volume of foot traffic that occurs in the average Australian shopping centre, you can understand the need for proper security measures. A shopping centre needs to be a safe and pleasant environment for people to visit.

When a security company is contracted to conduct this type of work, they do much more than provide a just visual presence or deterrent for would-be criminals. Here we look at some of the issues and challenges faces by centres, and how hiring a security company can help.

What Services Can A Security Company Provide To A Shopping Centre?

In addition to locating missing children and providing an extra pair of eyes for loss prevention in retail stores, security guards bring a lot more skills to such a setting. For instance, they can assist with executing an evacuation in times of emergency such as a fire or other threat.

However, there are many other valuable services that security companies can provide for shopping centres:

Risk Assessment and Shop Security Plan Reviews

A security risk assessment may reveal weaknesses in many existing systems. It may also point to minor enhancements and upgrades that may be necessary to eliminate these risks. A security service company can not only assist with the assessment, they can become part of the solution.

Industry-Specific Training

Security guards are trained to identify and respond to issues quickly and efficiently. This training can vary depending on the placement but can include such things as fire safety, emergency response, defence tactics, and retail crime awareness. If security is left to untrained staff or those without industry-specific training, the flow-on effects can have severe consequences.

Improvements To Staff Training and Communication

For retail outlets with a high number of staff members, communication of vital information is important… as is proper training of all staff to deal with various situations ranging from simple incident management to emergencies. A qualified security company can assist with these programs for your staff.

Provide Regular Patrols of All Areas

 A security service provider will scour all areas in and around shopping centres to ensure that the risk of theft is reduced and that safety measures are in place for staff and customers. This would include examining and reviewing procedures related to deliveries and pickups.

Security guards can be used to verify ID of anyone with access to the areas of the building that are not normally available to the public. They can also inspect items being picked up or dropped off. Shopping centre security patrols can extend to outdoor or underground parking lots as well.

The Risks Include More Than Just Theft

Although amain concern of most retail business owners is related to shoplifting, security guards on site can identify other risks such as anti-social behaviour and the threat of terrorism. With properly trained personnel on site, identification of issues and communication and evacuation during security incidents can be improved.

Improve Your Shopping Centre Security Today…

A security company provides trained guards that are prepared to face almost any kind of threat to a shopping centre. With qualified people on site that are dedicated and focused on looking out for potential issues and threats, you are better prepared for any circumstance that may arise.

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