Why Your Business Needs A Security Risk Assessment

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Security risk management is vital for businesses of all sizes. You may not realise that your business or event is at risk without conducting an assessment.

Have you considered having a security risk management assessment completed for your business, or for an event that you manage? It is a valuable exercise to go through that can highlight many previously unforeseen issues. The risks may not be obvious to you, which is why it is a good idea to hire the services of a specialist security company.

If your company hosts or organises any size event or outdoor festival, a security risk assessment can prove to be a valuable tool. They are also useful in identifying potential security risks in the workplace. But what exactly is one and what can you learn from the assessment process?

What Is Risk Assessment?

The assessment examines the event or workplace. It identifies potential security risks that may exist or develop in these venues. It also provides planning tools for organisers or management to use in order to mitigate the risks before they have an opportunity to become issues of concern.

What Are The Kinds of Risks That Can Develop?

In the instance of a large scale event, the security risk assessment can identify such factors as something that can cause harm to someone, or cause damage to the event or equipment/infrastructure. Risks to the future of the event may also be identified.

For workplace settings, the assessment can identify the potential for a security breach. This can come from within the company or from outside. Any weakness in the security of data, information, cash or inventory can be identified so that proper measures can be taken to eliminate the weakness.

How To Know You Need Security Risk Assessment and Management

Do you have a security system in place? If not, you or your business may be or become vulnerable to various forms of abuse. Even with a security system in place, there may be weaknesses in the system. An assessment will locate these and help you to correct the problems.

How We Conduct The Security Risk Management Assessment

The first step in identifying risks is through our security auditing process. A certified security consultant will take a close look at your existing systems and procedures. Potential threats or risks will then be identified with an action plan formulated to address these issues.

With the results of your security risk assessment, you will receive recommendations on how to improve your existing system. It may be something as simple as relocating security cameras or more involved such as expanding your security system to include cameras or remote control.

Typically the average business security risk assessment reveals weaknesses that can be remedied with a security system upgrade. This can involve various elements ranging from locking down areas, adding more alarms and cameras or the addition of patrols by security guards.

For event management, our security risk management advisory team would examine the details related to your event and assess any potential risk. Risks can result from the actual venue, people and vehicles moving in and around the venue and the hazards that can develop from this activity.

Workplace health and safety management presents a whole different set of potential risks. We would examine existing infrastructure and identify places where improvement would ensure better safety of those individuals affected. It may also raise workplace productivity levels.

Emergency management planning also addresses security risks that may develop in times of dire circumstances. With the proper plans in place, you will be able to protect your staff and business from various issues that may impact them during a disaster or emergency situation.

Contact Us For Assistance With Risk Assessment

At Urban Protection Group, we have the qualified staff to conduct a security risk assessment of your business or event. We can look at all the potential risks and develop a plan that will deal with anything that may develop. For more information, contact us today.