Security Services

Based in Sydney, Australia, Urban Protection Group is committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in our products and services. We provide security professionals for Business, Retail, Logistics and Warehousing, Construction, Sporting & Special Events and Personal Protection.

Our mission is to:

  • establishing the values and priorities of our clients
  • recognising what it takes to develop strong and lasting relationships
  • delivering personalised service and a proactive approach
  • providing a safe and rewarding culture for our staff

Urban Protection offers a complete and unique security solution to protect you, your people, your property and your reputation. This includes:

Security Guard Services: Residential and commercial concierges, commercial patrols and asset protection security officers, construction security officers, retail security officers, loss prevention officers, crowd controllers and executive protection officers.

Staff Services: RSA marshals, traffic controllers, car park attendants, ticket scanning officers and event logistics.

Electronic Security: Electronic surveillance, access control, monitoring centre, installation, site patrol and response.

Security Consulting: Security auditing, risk assessment and management, and event management.

Whatever your security requirements, we can customise a solution to suit you. To make an appointment for our Consulting Services, or to get in touch for a quote, please visit our Contact page.