security services

Concerns around uncertainty and developing security challenges affect all businesses. We use the combination of intelligent technology with proactive engaging security professionals to strengthen your business safety efforts.

Urban Protection Group are your partners in security.  We embrace cloud based, technological advances for a holistic approach to your security. Our risk audit looks at your business’ collected risks and threats to bring together all security elements to create a unique solution.  It includes an intelligent system suite that incorporates transparency and accountability for round the clock, stable and tight security, so you can focus is on your business, not security.

Not simply a security service. Urban Protection Group are your partners in complete security solutions.

How can Urban Security Group help you with security?

Security Guards

Static Security Officers

The physical presence of uniformed security officers for your business backed with cloud-based security technology, send a powerful message.  Urban Protection Group’s static security officers mix strong security with courteous customer service to greet your employees, visitors, and deliveries.

Gatehouse Officers

Stop risks and intruders before they enter your business.  Our gatehouse officers provide professional, courteous, and stringent business security at your front gate.  Combining customised technology with manpower to manage the access of vehicle and foot traffic through screening, scanning, sign-in, COVID-19 safe entry, for your business needs.

Covert & Overt Officers

Retail theft costs your business, our security officers stop it and send a clear directive that your business will not tolerate theft.  Urban Protection Group’s uniformed or plain clothes officers work in all retail to deter or catch thieves – your customer’s shopping experience is never compromised, while theft is significantly reduced.

Crowd Control Officers

Your business’ reputation is based on a successful event.  Our aim is to protect your reputation and to keep your customers to be safe, enjoy themselves, with minimum disruption.  Urban Protection Group crowd control officers are skilled to identify and seek high-risk situations, drawing on crowd control technology to respond and de-escalate.

Traffic Controllers

Traffic control requires foresight, calm, and control to create a safe environment for movement.  From planning, to maintaining productivity and flows on site, we provide efficiencies for site directing and managing the flow of traffic for complex traffic and time sensitive projects.  Every minute counts, delays and mishaps cost you money.

Control Room Operators

From crime reduction to improving community safety, it all happens behind the scenes in the control room.  Our control room operators oversee the security CCTV for you across multiple locations.  Urban Protection operators are experienced and communicate well to ensure they anticipate situations and apply the correct procedures set by your business.

Vehicle Patrols & Escorts

Locking and unlocking

The comfort knowing the whole of your premises are safely and securely locked.  Meticulous and methodical, our locking and unlocking security services allows your business to be open and locked when it needs to be.  Don’t rely on busy, distracted employees, rely on Urban Protection Group.

Late Closure

Protecting your hard-working employees during vulnerable times of the day. The duties of Urban Protection late closure guard duties are to ensure employees and visitors working on-site are protected late at night or odd times during the day.  With businesses open longer hours, late closure guards are a great way to add an extra layer of security.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Safeguarding your business’ vehicle assets, with fast ROI on asset protection. GPS vehicle tracking solutions include devices and management of your vehicles and assets. A reliable and robust range of devices specifically designed to suit the asset they are protecting and to give you affordable asset protection for some of your most valuable mobile assets. 

High value goods escort

Protect your valuable assets and goods while on the move when they are vulnerable.  This exposure not only costs your business but can be disruptive. Urban Protection Group provide risk free, security while your assets are in transit. A full risk analysis to find all at exposure points is the basis for our high value goods security for your business.


Know what’s going on every hour, every day. Cloud based reporting allows you to keep track of people and activities, to look for patterns or areas to tighten security before they become a problem. Security reporting offers insight into your security to spend money where it's needed and reduce where it’s not.

Electronic Solutions

CCTV Cameras

Resolve issues, round the clock, promptly with the watchful eye of a camera. Scaled perfectly to fit your business - capture footage of daily activities, prevent incidents, monitor staff for suspicious activity, or apprehend an offender. Set up procedures to combine your CCTV camera with other security measures to double your protection.

Access Control

Be in control of who enters and leaves your business premises or restricted areas. Using the latest in intelligent automation technology, Urban Protection Group access control can restrict, monitor, and control access using biometrics, fingerprints, codes or cards.  Integrated with your existing technology or standalone, use it to control costs as well.

Alarm Systems

Be alerted and scare intruders at once, 24 hours/7days a week.  Using all major reliable brands of hard wired and wireless alarm systems, Urban Protection Group offer solutions based on your business size and needs. Keep your employees, stock, premises, and assets safe. Upgrades or new systems - it’s time to employ the latest technology in alarm systems.


Receive critical security data in real time. Urban Protection Group’s easy to use reporting software reduces errors and administrative costs with reports accessed through laptops and smartphones. The latest digital technology uses time stamped videos, photos, GPS locators, audio, everything you need to prevent threats and apprehend violators.

Discover what security services your business needs today, tomorrow and into the future. Choose Urban Protection Group for holistic, agile and customised services to provide the correct security your business needs for today, tomorrow and the future.