The Australian owned enterprise, Urban Protection Group began in 2010, primarily offering comprehensive, custom security solutions.

As our client’s business models evolved, we saw the opportunity to broaden our security, safety and operation offerings to lead real business success.

The driving force behind our clients

Urban Protection Groups’ expertise, knowledge and insight present whole service solutions around security, cybersecurity, advanced technologies, cleaning and facilities management.

We partner with our clients

We use best practice to prioritise and streamline the allocation of our client’s business resources. Our team collaborates with key stakeholders to create end-to-end services, that integrate intelligent products with leading technology.

Industry-specific and next generation solutions

Our services are designed to exceed key business drivers by -

  • Integrating service solutions to attain your business goals.
  • Developing smarter solutions through data capture and innovative technology for proactive, agile responses.
  • Employing cost effective and transparent solutions to guide transformation.
  • Utilising reporting capability at all levels in real time for business enhancement.

Ready to exceed your business outcomes?  Stay on top and drive your business success, talk to Urban Protection Group today.