advanced technology

Security on the move, whether it’s ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time, or vehicle activity and assets are monitored and protected.

Our advanced technologies division combines leading artificial intelligence, innovation, and analytics to bring you tight controls and strong security into one system, custom designed to meet your business needs.

Vehicle Plate Recognition

Catalogue the movements of traffic, cost-effectively. Urban Protection Group’s automatic vehicle number plate recognition technology reads colour coded license plates passing a point, supporting noise reduction and head light compensation. Our technology can be integrated into any system or used to collect license plates in the form of text for security, parking, access control, and traffic control. 

Vehicle Movement

Vehicle movement is about giving clear instructions, faster navigation, and managing the current number of vehicles – all for efficient and productive movement. Our vehicle movement systems allow your business or entity to manage the flow of traffic across your sites.  It can be configured to collect data on position, location, time and speed of vehicle – any information you may need to manage vehicle movement and to apprehend offenders.

Crowd Movement

The analysis and management of crowd dynamics and safety ensures the protection and efficiency of crowd management. Used in event management or high pedestrian traffic areas, Urban Protection Group can design and manage site areas, and the usage of space for moving crowds, capacity and flows during different times of the day and events and in emergencies.

Temperature Checking

Stop the spread of viruses at the door.  In less than a couple of seconds, our contactless temperature checking system can safeguard your business against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Urban Protection Group’s real-time temperature screening devices uses artificial recognition to safeguard from the threat of an outbreak, saving you time and money in deep-cleaning and closure for extended periods of time.

Utilise advanced technologies and innovation for the intelligent, efficient and cost-effective way to gain visibility and real time insights into your business – let’s find an integrated solution for your business.