cyber security

It is often said that security is only as good as the weakest link. This is especially true with cyber security where defences are constantly being probed, threats are always evolving and any vulnerabilities can be exploited by actors from anywhere in the world.

For this reason, Urban Protection Group works closely with you to deploy modern, well maintained systems that employees can rely on to keep your data safe. Our systems are constantly monitored and continuously updated to keep your business protected. We have invested heavily into creating a modern system with security at its core. Our strong automation focus ensures that we can reliably keep watch over many thousands of systems efficiently around the clock and close any emerging risks quickly.

We are responsive and agile with deep engineering expertise which we leverage to deliver a world class secure computing platform that is compliant with the Australian Governments Essential 8 as defined by the Defence Signals Directorate.

Some of our key offerings include:

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security encompasses all user devices including desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones. We protect these points of entry from risky activity and malicious attack.

We have the capability to ensure endpoint compliance with data security standards which means we can effectively control the security of every device accessing your data.

Identity Management

Control who has access to your system is critically important to being able to secure your data. Urban Protection Group have vast experience in managing all aspects of identity management, ranging from controlling how users gain an identity, the roles and the permissions that identity grants, the protection of that identity, and the technologies supporting that protection. We are skilled in adding levels of authentication for critical applications to ensure only approved users can gain access.

Our management systems not only identify, authenticate, and control access for individuals who will be utilizing IT resources but also the hardware and applications employees need to access.

Mobility Solutions

Modern workplaces require staff to be connected from anywhere, anytime and from any device.  Whilst this scenario presents a myriad of potential attack points into the network, we leverage our vast experience to ensure that devices are always secure, even on the road.

Our solution has been designed with mobility as a core principle so that mobile and remote workers are protected to the same high standards as the rest of the fleet. We can support all machines wherever they are and ensure devices are continuously managed, patched and monitored. Users receive assistance wherever they are and their devices are encrypted and provide secure access to company data.

Managed Endpoints

Our managed end point solution is secure out of the box. Our baseline comes with the following features:

  • Strong encryption is activated from the moment the machine is “born”. Recovery keys are carefully backed up and the user is provisioned with a very secure device that is compliant with the latest Essential 8 standard.
  • We provide a managed platform where the operating system is continuously updated.
  • Our strong automation tools let us deliver applications and customisations.
  • We continuously update key components such as browsers and productivity suites.
  • We can apply customisations and security policies as required.
  • We provide Data Loss Prevention capabilities.
  • We support Multi Factor Authentication for secure access to nominated applications.

All of our Managed End Points enjoy access to:

  • Access to an Australian based and staffed Service Desk.
  • Our Self Service Password Resets.
  • Unlimited support calls for a single fixed fee per month.

Automation Services

We support appliance devices such as meeting rooms and way finders. Our monitoring tools can continuously keep watch over these systems are trigger automated workflow responses if we detect any alarms.

Professional Services

We maintain a team of highly specialised engineers who can solve all of your technical problems. We maintain deep expertise in process engineering, cyber security, automation, operating systems, networking, identity management and application packaging.

Service Desk

Our friendly Service Desk team is Australian based and staffed.

We offer customised Service Level Agreements and can be contacted by phone, email and web portal. We provide advanced analytics for trend analysis and detailed reporting.

How to Improve Your Cybersecurity

Urban Protection Group can assess your environment to quantify your current state of cybersecurity.

Our team of specialists will work with you to identify any gaps and prepare a plan to close them. We will guide you on how to meet the best security standards and find the best mix of security with functionality.

Our established solutions can be leveraged to provide an advanced secure environment that you can use immediately.

Talk to a cybersecurity expert today to uncover the risks and threats hiding in your business system.