Protecting your high value materials and equipment, and the risk of malicious damage require adaptable security measures.

Urban Protection Group’s agile security services target the changing needs and environment of your construction site. Our experts draw upon our premium range of security services – guards, officers and advanced technology – to construct a plan especially for your site security needs.

How Urban Protection Group can help your construction site

Security Services

Static Security

Physical security guards are needed on particularly vulnerable sites as a deterrent to would-be thieves and malicious destruction. Alert, fully trained security guards work to maintain tight controls around security and safety, at the same time as ensuring productivity on your construction site. All Urban Protection Group security guards carry the necessary state construction licenses and cards.

Gatehouse Security

Gatehouse security helps your construction company maintain tight health and safety measures on large building sites.  They provide friendly customer service representing your business, at the same time as a highly visible presence, for proactive site security.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are great for protecting and securing your construction, especially during vacant times.  They act as a deterrent to would-be thieves stealing supplies and assets or malicious damage.  They work well as a patrol for hazards such as health risks, accidents and dangers that may threaten your workforce on site or the integrity and reputation of your company.

Traffic Controllers

With people and vehicles coming and going, traffic control is essential to prevent serious, sometimes fatal, accidents. Urban Protection Group traffic controllers ensure the access and egress of trades, trucks and pedestrians on site as well as ensuring the efficient and productive flow to meet tight construction deadlines.

Advanced Technologies

Our innovative, smart technology is used to target high traffic and prime exposure zones. Our temporary, relocatable solutions provide 24/7 protection utilising artificial intelligence, analytics and reporting, to monitor vehicle and people movement or temperature checking of visitors to protect your site.

Urban Protection Group closes the weak links on your construction site. We always work towards adaptable and moveable security measures that ensures your building and construction project is completed efficiently with minimal disruptions and losses.