critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is just that – critical to the people and its economy. It is this very reason that critical infrastructure carries a high risk and threat profile.

Critical infrastructure must identify and reasonably mitigate all hazards across their physical operations, networks, supply chain and human resources.

Security for critical infrastructure is a huge project from recognising where the threats are to establishing best practices in security. Urban Protection Group’s critical infrastructure security service works collaboratively with your key stakeholders to ensure operations and scale match commercial practicality and financial exposure for you.

How Urban Protection Group can help critical infrastructure

Security Services

Static Security

Urban Protection Group provide comprehensive health security services to protect your people, your equipment, and the building. Our static security services are based around keeping your health system functioning without interruptions, a safety environment for all, whilst maintaining a physical presence to deter security risks.

Gatehouse Security

Gatehouse security help you maintain tight health and safety measures on large infrastructure sites.  They provide friendly customer service representing your business, at the same time as a highly visible presence, for proactive site security.

Cyber Security

Critical Infrastructure often features specialist systems that require monitoring around the clock. At Urban Protection Group, we have deep automation expertise which we can deploy to provide continuous automated monitoring which can trigger automated workflows.

Our analytics systems can process vast amount of data and compile intelligent responses based on the observed conditions. We can raise tickets, send emails, text messages and trigger other systems as required to summon the required resources. We have the capability to deploy AI based analytics or create custom solutions as required.

Advanced Technologies

Unauthorised access, sensitive data and theft can significantly disrupt essential services. To protect critical infrastructure means utilising advanced technology with AI and reporting capabilities to watch, control, and prevent. Monitoring vehicle and people movement and temperature checking, work as an efficient, cost-effective solution and real-time response to these threats.


It is important to use purpose-created cleaning services that are responsive and protective of your unique critical infrastructure. Urban Protection Group utilise technology and techniques for the upmost in cleanliness and efficiency. Full training and WHS practices of our onsite cleaners and management team, all working within your regulation and compliance requirements.

Facilities Management

Our comprehensive facilities mangement services allow your infrastructure to do what it is supposed to do – provide a service to its citizens. Good maintenance protects your assets. It also means your entity and services, are efficient, cost effective and your premises are safe and always functioning at their peak.

Partner with Urban Protection Group, a professional security company, with cutting edge technology and practical security experience to keep your critical infrastructure safe, clean and secure.