An education institution is a warm, welcoming, clean environment where students and teachers come together to learn and prosper. The premises need to be kept clean and its assets, its staff, students need to be protected. A schools’ threats to its safety come from many places – environmental and disasters, data and its systems, health, and criminal activity.

Urban Protection Group understand the needs of schools and educational institutions to prepare a comprehensive security and cleaning plan covering all aspects. From TAFE campuses, primary and secondary schools, universities and private educational colleges, Urban Protection Group always puts the safety of your students and your institution first.

How Urban Protection Group can help your education institution


Static Guards

Discretion is key to our school and educational security to effectively manage the students and teachers’ safety.  Our security guards and measures are designed to prevent, recognise, and respond to all levels of threat at school gates, campus roads and building entrances.

Mobile Patrols

On the go, round the clock security, our mobile patrols protect your educational institution and act quickly to anticipate, prevent and stop security breaches from escalating, even when you are not there.


School environments are particularly tricky as often student devices are on the same network as teacher systems. With thousands of enquiring minds, there is always a persistent threat of unauthorised access.

Urban Protection Group can come to the rescue with our managed endpoint offering which offers high level security and robust device management to ensure systems remain secure.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies are a cost-effective way for an educational institute to safeguard its premises, as part of a solutions-based plan. Use of artificial intelligence, innovation, and analytics to watch over your premises, and automate processes to monitor vehicle, people movement plus temperature checks.


Following the strict AHPPC guidelines for schools as well as public health orders, our school cleaning services not only clean and tidy classrooms, toilets, common areas and halls, but also infection control especially COVID-19 – whilst always working for the health, safety and wellbeing of the students, teachers, and visitors.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management professionals carry out general repairs, emergency repairs, and preventive maintenance to educational institutions. Proactive and reactive maintenance to ensure the school grounds are kept safe and operating efficiently.

The safety of our children and students brings peace of mind.  Urban Protection Group work hard to create a customised security, cleaning and maintenance plan to ensure strong but discreet services for a warm learning environment.