government security

The responsibility of protecting the government’s personnel, infrastructure, and assets under threat is a balance between public safety, budget restrictions and due diligence.

From departmental buildings, parliamentary premises, critical infrastructure and utilities, public property, transit centres, and cultural sites, each require fit-for-purpose security services.

Urban Protection Group understands that government requires comprehensive and appropriate safety and protection across a broad and tailored range of services. Your strict security measures based on sensitive and complex environment means strategic planning is essential.

How Urban Protection Group can help your government entity


Government technology infrastructure supports the delivery of essential services and protects the national security of citizens. The disruption and cost to your services is immense when security breaches, or cybercriminals compromise your valuable data.

Cybersecurity is of paramount concern to governments as it is to Urban Protection Group. We understand the fine balance of ensuring continuity of service, data and systems can be accessed by the right personnel and citizens at the appropriate time and it is protected from external forces.

Urban Protection Group partners with CICS to provide cybersecurity services while ensuring compliance to laws and standards are upheld. We target insider risk detecting user activity, data loss protection, and remote workforce security using artificial intelligence and encryption.


Security staff are often the first point of contact the public has with a local council or state government department. Therefore, it’s important to have qualified guards who look professional, are trained in exceptional customer service, and can effectively deal with visitors and the public. 

From surveillance to static security Urban Protection Group understands the importance of protecting its buildings and employees from theft, vandalism and damage. Often at the heart of your enterprise, our skilled customer service combined with a security priority ensures your department or infrastructure gets the security it needs. We work in conjunction with your existing security measures to strengthen and create a flexible coverage of your security.

  • Static Security
  • Gatehouse Officers
  • Concierge Services
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Traffic Control


Using technology strategically can set up an error-proof, efficient and secure environment. Used by itself or in conjunction with security guards, it provides the backup and intelligence to monitor high risk prone exposures in your entity.

UPG understands the vulnerable and complex nature of government security and uses its innovation technology to supplement your security and provide evidence based support for strategic safety planning.

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Camera

Facilities management

Discretion and detail are paramount to the cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance of government premises. 

Our large team of cleaners and facilities management are available for in and out of hours cleaning to service all government buildings. Whether this entails office cleaning right through to high traffic areas for deep sanitisation. Our property maintenance services ensure your building and infrastructure is working to its full potential, keeping everyone safe from accidents right through to equipment working in full order.

  • Cleaning
  • Property maintenance

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