residential and commercial property

A physical presence of protection at the front entrance of a residential building or commercial building gives people a real sense of security. With residents, visitors, trades couriers and suppliers needing access to the building, tight controls can be used to monitor and keep occupants safe. However, our residential and commercial property security goes beyond the front entrance of your building.

Other security and health risks for residential and commercial building can be managed by the experts at Urban Protection Group. Partner with us to provide custom, comprehensive security and facility management to meet your building risks and needs.

How Urban Protection Group can help your residential or commercial property

Security Services

Static Security

Your security risks, the size and unique features of the building all require adaptive security measures that will successfully and cost effectively secure your premises and its owners. Static security works to go where you need the presence and safety, adapting their security practice to the tasks at hand.

Concierge Security

The warm face of your building as we greet residents, employees, guests and couriers while protecting the security of its inhabitants.  Using client-specific site operating procedures, our concierge service is the happy medium between security and welcoming.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols provide the uniformed and marked car response to deter unsavoury visitors and damages.  They can survey multiple sites at scheduled and unscheduled times to protect your building, its people and act as an emergency response team.

Control Room Officers

Our officers are fully trained to be the watchful eye over your building, promptly calling upon relevant help.  Multi-skilled to respond to various scenarios and situations, escalate and coordinate emergency response or used to contact relevant departments to neutralise any problems.

CCTV and Access Control

Urban Protection Group strategic systems uses smart technology to improve the safety and security for residential and commercial purposes, cost effectively. Monitor people and vehicle movements in real time is our aim to preventing threats to the building security.

Advanced Technologies

Security innovation allows for protection without deploying manhours to the task. Monitor vehicle and people movement – using innovative technology solutions to improve how you welcome employees, residents and visitors and stop risks and threats.


A well cared for and clean building delivers safety for its inhabitants and instils a sense of pride. Going beyond a surface clean, our cleaners are armed with the knowledge, equipment, cleaning products and the time to complete a thorough and specific cleaning job.

Facilities Management

Create a safe and welcoming building environment to protect the integrity of your building. Our customised, facilities management services where everything works, long term problems are prevented and allows your users to enjoy the space and all the facilities.

The size and unique features of your building all require adaptive security measures and facilities management to effectively and maintain your premises for its owners and residents. Call Urban Protection Group now to see how our range of security and cleaning solutions can provide the care your building needs.