Retail Security Services

'Our expert retail security services will save you thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue'

Retail Security Services in NSWDelivering a strong retail loss prevention solution that is tailored to each of our clients is where we excel at Urban Protection Group.

Working in the retail sector involves a high level of exposure to loss. It's not just shoplifters and dishonest staff you need to be on the lookout for. Organised retail crime is also increasing as demand for low-cost items increases, and online sites make it easier to sell stolen goods.

Retail shrinkage through theft, scams, and fraud costs businesses millions in lost revenue each year, and dealing with such losses takes up time that could be spent on other business activities.

Urban Protection Group's specialist retail security team protects:

  • Large shopping centres
  • Smaller shopping centres
  • Boutique shopping complexes
  • Warehouse, factory and trade outlets

Our services include:

  • Shop security
  • Crowd control
  • Loss prevention
  • Hazard and risk detection
  • Traffic control
  • Tenant liaison
  • Police liaison
  • Contractor site work permits
  • Conflict management and resolution

We understand that your customers want to enjoy their shopping experience, so our retail security guards are trained to be presentable, and demonstrate excellent customer service skills while being alert and responsive to potential incidents around them.

  • Loss Prevention Officers

    Retail loss prevention is one of the most important investments a retail business can make. With Urban Protection Group’s retail security systems in place, you can reduce shrinkage with expert monitoring by adopting strategically positioned cameras, static guards, and specialist retail security guards in and around your store.

  • Retail Security Systems

    Retail environments are a constant hive of activity. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about surveillance.

    CCTV cameras provide constant monitoring of your premises, which is crucial for retail loss prevention. They can also be a source of essential business information like customer behaviour and movements around the store. This provides you with valuable feedback about the effectiveness of your merchandising and marketing efforts.

    Urban Protection’s retail security services are a great investment for your retail business. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, and our specially trained retail security guards, you can minimise shrinkage caused by theft, and gather valuable information about your customers’ buying habits.

Contact us here to speak to one of our management staff about our how our customised retail security services can help you.