Retailers are particularly vulnerable to theft of stock and cybercriminals through their open POS systems. Using leading-edge and advanced technologies, backed with our experience in retail, Urban Protection Group can create a custom retail security solution to address all your needs.

Continuous evolution of our security systems lets your retail outlet maintain a non-threatening, discreet shopping environment to promote spending and return shoppers.

How Urban Protection Group can help your retail store

Security Services

Static Security

Security measures in busy shopping centres, markets, retail stores, arcades and plazas can minimise loss and keep shoppers and employees safe. A strong presence will deter unsavoury behaviour with our custom static security services.

Overt & Covert Officers

Stock theft can be a costly problem for many retailers.  Overt and covert security officers play a key role in loss prevention not only identifying thieves but as a deterrent such as bag searching, attending to instore alarms and mitigating employee theft.  Urban Protection Group officers are an immediate solution to a growing problem, to monitor and deter thieves.


The systems that run your retail business – POS, inventory control - are the systems where your inherent threats and vulnerabilities lie. Urban Protection Group protect these systems to allow frictionless employee use and prevent financial information breaches and customer data theft. Our cybersecurity retail solutions combine your people, inventory and assets in strong innovative ways.

Advanced Technologies

While you’re busy servicing your shoppers and visitors, people and vehicle movement controls are a great way to monitor your entire business using smart technology. Organised and ad hoc theft and threats to your retail business can be prevented with customised, solutions-based AI technology – people, vehicle movement and temperature checks – targeted at the risks and threats to your retail outlet.


A clean retail store and environment assures a great look and smell, inviting shoppers to browse and buy. A wide range of services perfect for all types of retail cleaning needs, following WHS, and Quality Management Systems for a fresh thorough clean to all corners of your retail space.

Facilities Management

Like any property, maintenance ensures a safe and special retail store for your shoppers and workers. Our tailored services allow you to choose the type and regularity of maintenance from smaller retail shops right up to large shopping centres.

Partner with Urban Protection Group to take advantage of our comprehensive range of security and maintenance services. These services fit perfectly with the requirements of your retail store - a protected business to keep you at the top of your game.