Security Guards

'Urban Protection security guards have the right combination of skills to deal with any situation'

security guard services SydneyAt Urban Protection, we provide a range of security guard services including loss prevention, crowd control, static guards, and corporate and concierge. And when you choose an Urban Protection security guard, you can be assured you are getting a professional service from some of the industry’s best operators.

Our staff are at the very heart of what we do. They come from a range of backgrounds, and are chosen according to a strict criteria including:

  • Experience - Experienced security guards have sound judgement, and are able to act quickly and effectively in all situations.
  • Communication - Strong communication skills give our security officers the confidence to deal with the public effectively in any situation.
  • Attitude - Our guards are positive and friendly, but firm when required, as expressed through their body language and demeanor.
  • Presentation - Our uniforms are smart and sophisticated, and our guards’ presentation reflects the values of our organisation and customers.

We provide ongoing support and monitoring of all of our security officers to ensure they deliver the highest standard of service. This includes monthly audits and ongoing training so staff are constantly improving and updating their skills.  We reward and recognise their achievements, which keeps morale high, increases job satisfaction, and ultimately leads to better performance.

Security Guard Services

  • Static Guards

    Our static security guards can patrol a range of sites including:

    • Construction sites
    • Warehouses
    • Retail outlets
    • Gatehouses

    More than just a physical presence, our static security guards are carefully selected to be a good fit for your business, and have great customer service skills as well.

  • Close Personal Protection

    Our close personal protection officers provide personal security for executives, and VIP’s. Our personal protection staff are experienced personal bodyguards, who are physically and mentally prepared to deal with all kinds of threats that may occur while remaining unobtrusive. This gives our clients the confidence to conduct their regular business knowing somebody is monitoring whatever is happening around them.

  • Loss Prevention Officers

    Retail loss prevention is an investment that can make a huge difference to your bottom line.  Our loss prevention guards understand the importance of being discreet, professional in appearance, and exercising good customer service skills. This means your customers’ shopping experience is never compromised, while the chance of theft occurring is significantly reduced.

  • Crowd Control Officers

    Crowd control is an essential part of running a successful large-scale event. Our crowd control officers are well-versed in all aspects of crowd control from following the right strategies and protocols to identifying high-risk situations, and responding to emergencies. Our officers act as an addition to your team. They understand how critical it is for your customers to enjoy their experience, and their positive attitude, presentation and communication skills ensure your events run smoothly with minimal disruption, and that your patrons enjoy themselves and feel safe.

  • Corporate And Concierge Security

    At Urban Protection, we understand the importance of having someone in the front line who is presentable, and has great communication and customer service skills, while also taking care of your corporate security needs. Therefore our corporate security guards are not only trained in how to follow security procedures, but also in how to:

    • Meet and greet clients
    • Answer enquiries
    • Handle complaints
    • Handle phone calls

    Having a concierge guard who also performs a range of other duties can be a significant cost benefit to your business, and provides a safe and welcoming environment for your visitors.

  • COVID Marshalls

    In our ever changing times with COVID, Urban Protection can provide security officers who can also perform COVID Marshall duties to assist with social distancing, mask wearing, QR scanning, hygiene management and temperature checking. Our COVID Marshalls can assist in the enforcement of your COVID safety plan to ensure the safety of your staff, customers and visitors.

If you’d like to learn more about how our security guard services can help you achieve your security outcomes, our team is always available to answer your enquiries. Contact us here to learn how expert security guards can help you.