Supply Chain Management Security

'Minimise threats and disruptions to your supply chain with our supply chain management security solutions'

Supply Chain Management Security in Western SydneyAt Urban Protection Group, we have a dedicated supply chain team who have experience working with blue-chip manufacturers, transport, and distribution companies. Drawing on this experience, our team understands the risks, pitfalls, and opportunities inherent in each supply chain.

Supply chain is a constantly evolving industry, and as it evolves, new supply chain security issues are constantly emerging.

Supply chain security problems can include:

  • Smuggling of illegal cargo by tampering with shipping containers
  • Replacing legal goods with illegal goods
  • Presence of unauthorised staff in ports and warehouses
  • Cargo theft

Plus any number of issues that can arise when your supply chain is exposed to risk.

We know each supply chain is different, so instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we offer a customised solution including:

  • Identifying real and potential security risks with our expert supply chain security risk assessment
  • Formalising proactive strategies and worst-case scenarios
  • Managing and maintaining appropriate security levels with specialised supply chain security management
  • Supply Chain Security Management

    Because your supplies are often stored in large warehouses, where break-ins and internal theft are commonly identified threats, supply chain security involves a combination of both skilled personnel, and electronic security equipment like CCTV, access control, and alarms.

    By seamlessly bringing these elements together, you can be assured your goods are being monitored constantly for tampering or theft, and that no unauthorised visitors are entering your premises. You’ll also have greater insight into the day-to-day movements around your warehouse, and can address operational inefficiencies, as well as security infringements quickly.

  • Supply Chain Security Risk Assessment

    Supply chains operate along a series of interdependent steps, which means risks are inherent at different stages of the product’s journey. So careful risk analysis is required at every step of the way.

    Urban Protection’s supply chain security risk assessment team can help you identify exactly where the risks are in your supply chain and help you minimise and manage them effectively. We can also provide you with a set of supply chain security best practices to help you maintain business continuity so you don’t lose time, money or reputation because of problems with the quality or delivery of your goods.

    Our comprehensive FMCG and supply chain services include:

    • Gatehouse and weighbridge security (COR compliance)
    • High-value stock protection (tobacco, alcohol etc.)
    • Remote region security for high-value stock (personnel, tracking etc.)
    • Pharmaceutical security
    • General site and offsite security
    • Supply chain security risk assessment
    • Bonded security
    • Temperature control and HACCP aware security services
    • Executive protection
    • Incident investigation
    • Opening and securing of premises
    • External and internal security patrols
    • Alarm and emergency response
    • Security consultancy

No matter what your supply chain security needs are, Urban Protection Group can provide you with an expert team that will work together to assess your exposure to risk, and deploy long-term strategies to protect you, your assets, your people, and your bottom line.


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