The Rise of Private Security in Australia

Private Security Guard in shopping centre

The increasing demand for private security services in Australia is shaping new security trends. Factors such as heightened risk assessment, security technology advancements, and rising concerns over crime statistics contribute to this shift. Private security personnel now play a vital role in various settings, from schools to shopping centres. The industry’s growth is driven by factors like risk assessment, and a politicised fear of crime. While national crime rates may not directly correlate, localised spikes in break-ins and thefts prompt individuals and businesses to seek stronger security measures. By embracing technology, the industry prepares for an innovative approach to security that complements human efforts. This evolution strives to strike a balance between addressing safety concerns and upholding Australia’s unique sense of security.

Key Points:

  1. Increasing Demand: The Australian Security Industry Association reports a significant growth in demand for private security services over the past decade. This demand is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.
  2. Diverse Deployments: Private security personnel are being deployed in diverse settings, ranging from schools and shopping centres and malls to remote mine sites.
  3. Drivers of the Trend:
    • Risk Assessment and Liabilities: Society’s heightened focus on risk assessment and the potential liabilities associated with inadequate security measures is driving the need for private security services.
    • Inequality: Increasing wealth inequality has enabled those who can afford it to seek additional security measures, contributing to the trend.
    • Politicisation of Fear: The public’s fear of crime has been politicised, further spurring demand for enhanced security measures.
  4. Crime Statistics: Nationally, the rise in private security doesn’t necessarily correlate with an increase in overall crime rates. However, specific areas, particularly in northern towns, have experienced increased break-ins and car thefts, often involving a small number of individuals.
  5. Fortification of Homes: In some parts Australia, residents are fortifying their homes with security measures like surveillance systems, a trend not commonly associated with Australia.
  6. Future Trends: The Australian Security Industry Association anticipates the evolution of security measures with the introduction of technology such as drones and robots for patrolling and monitoring remote locations. This technological shift is expected to supplement human security personnel.

As the private security industry continues to grow, Australia is navigating the balance between addressing safety concerns and maintaining the unique sense of security that its citizens are accustomed to.