distribution centre and warehousing

Warehouses are getting bigger and busier, and fast, complex delivery standards are putting increased strain on distribution centres.  It is important these hubs maintain productive and safe business flows as they are the commercial backbone for many businesses.

At Urban Protection Group we’re all for monitoring every aspect of your facility, employees and assets in real time, so all business flows safely, smoothly and efficiently.

How UPG can help your distribution centre and warehouse

Security Services

Static Security

The physical presence of guards within your distribution centre and warehouse can quickly fend threats that may impede the safety on site. Our well trained, experienced Urban Protection guards follow your procedures to prevent and respond to security risks.

Gatehouse Security

Stop intruders and danger before it enters. Securing the perimeter of your building to manage entry and exit points, parking areas and your perimeters as well as weighbridges, our COR compliant officers are at hand to ensure security and the productivity of your business.

Control Room Officers

With everything going on in a warehouse, our control room officers are the intelligent eye to watch over the activity to find threats and risks and stop them before they become a problem.  Urban Protection Group officers are trained in proactive and responsive security for busy environments.

Mobile Patrols

Going where and when you can’t – our mobile patrols are trained to be practical and pre-empt risks and threats to your business across a wider area.  Marked uniformed security, scheduled and unscheduled visits, surprise even the most sophisticated criminals.

CCTV & Access Control

Our innovation technology uses advanced automation to optimise your fulfilment operations. Ensuring the right people have access, when they need and feel protected as they carry out their duties.  In addition to people, vehicles and trucks can be monitored to ensure traffic flows, productivity of distribution and protection of your assets and valuable stock.

Cyber Security

Behind that huge building, is the system that controls it. Any tech-related incident – data theft, cyber-attacks, service unreliability - can cause untold disruption and cost to your business. This is where Urban Protection Group expertise and collaborative approach creates a customised cybersecurity system to prevent and monitor threats and stoppages, using layered security methodology.


To ensure your facilities are operating at full capacity a clean and well managed warehouse and distribution is key to achieving this. Urban Protection Group specialise in fulfillment, to uphold cleanliness and hygiene without disrupting your processes.  Whether you need sterile premises as directed by regulations to heavy chemical use, our cleaners use the correct products, and equipment to thoroughly clean your warehouse to your standards.

Facilities Management

Your facilities are the lifeblood of your organisation. To ensure they are operating at full capacity, thorough upkeep and well-maintained warehouse and distribution is key to achieving this.

Your supply chain security needs are different from others. Urban Protection Group design customised security management systems and facility management to perfectly match your needs – adapting to fit your needs as they evolve.