facilities management

24-hour Operations Help Desk

Keep your business active and connected, day and night. Increase your service levels, and provide customer support, no matter what time of the day or night. Fully outsource your calls, overflow from a busy day or event, help with disaster or emergency recovery, or provide an out of hours response. A cost-effective way to run 24-hour operations help desk, to maximise efficiency, manage workloads for prompt, high quality customer service.

Commercial Cleaning

Hygienic clean first time, every time. Commercial cleaning requires dedication to the task, efficient and professional equipment with task-oriented cleaning solutions. Under supervision, our Urban Protection commercial team is friendly, trained to use the right equipment and cleaning products, for a quality and hygienic clean every time. Receive real-time reports for transparent communication, prioritising quality, and accountability.

Warehouse Cleaning

A clean warehouse provides a healthy environment for employees and protects your equipment and stock from damage. Whether it is part of your lease, or you want a positive and healthy employee experience, our cleaning goes deep into your warehouse. Our warehouse cleaning includes what you need – floors, shelves, stock, equipment, right up to the ceiling, if need be, to safeguard the backbone of your business.

Retail Cleaning

A clean retail outlet is a must for positive shopping experiences and more store sales. Urban Protection Group’s immaculate retail cleaning services ensure your store – bank, supermarket, clothing store, personal services – is spotless, removing unsightly rubbish and dust, cleaning for hygiene. Our national coverage cleaning services go beyond the surfaces you can see.

Strata Cleaning

Strata cleaning is the welcome your residents enjoy coming home to. Efficient, reliable and responsible, Urban Protection Group’s strata cleaners work hard to keep your building healthy, safe and clean. Our cleaning services reach far – lifts and stairwells, lobbies entrances, car parks, common areas, handrails, light switches, garbage areas and mailboxes for cleanliness and hygiene.

School Cleaning

A safe and hygienic learning environment has never been so important. Urban Protection Group’s school cleaning services care about your pupils to provide a spotless hygienic space for all to learn, play and socialise. The basis of our efficient, thorough services and safe products, is to not only clean, but ensure tight infection control in your closed environment.

Want to know more how Urban Protection Groups facilities management and cleaning can help your business conduct its purpose in a safe and healthy environment? Call now for a free consultation to understand your needs better and how we can ensure a clean, safe environment.