It is the interconnectivity of people spread over sizeable grounds that makes your health institution such a dynamic entity. However, it is this interconnectivity that can expose it to security risks.  Robust security pinpointing the vulnerabilities of your health institution is the first step to protect your people, your work and your premises, and assets.

By assigning a specialised security company like Urban Protection Group you receive insightful, professional, and supportive security services.

How Urban Protection Group can help your health institution

Security Services

Static Security

Urban Protection Group provide comprehensive health security services to protect your people, your equipment, and the building. Our static security services are based around keeping your health system functioning without interruptions, a safety environment for all, whilst maintaining a physical presence to deter security risks.

Mobile Patrols

The sheer size of health facilities often makes it difficult to always protect, especially during off-peak hours. Our Urban Protection Group mobile patrols proactively works to provide a visible security with branded cars and uniformed security officers marking the premises and surrounding area on scheduled and unscheduled times.


The Health space is faced with balancing vast resource demands against maintaining the best privacy levels. To achieve this, there is an incredibly strong focus on identity management.

Urban Protection Group have an excellent track record in providing industry leading Identity Management solutions that control access to critical systems.

Advanced Technologies

Allowing the right people and vehicles to enter and leave, ensuring segregated access, all at the same time as preventing unwelcome access can often be difficult.  Incorporating artificial intelligence, analytics and reporting around vehicle and people movement and temperature checks - our integrated solutions are easy to use, allowing fast, appropriate controls in real-time for your healthcare organisation and peace of mind security.

Hospitals and health organisations have pronounced security risks. Having the proper levels of protection in place can provide comfort to your health institution, medical staff, employees, patients, and visitors.  Let’s work together to develop a security plan that targets your vulnerabilities.