Security Licensing Requirements: Standards and Expectations

Security Licensing Requirements

Security Officers work to keep our community safe, in both the public and private sector. They are classified as essential workers, and the security industry delivers a diverse supply of jobs. There are certain conditions that must be met when applying to become a security officer.

There is a misconception of the requirements needed to be a security officer, for example stature or physical requirements. It is more important to understand how to work well with people. Customer service skills are essential when working as a security officer in many environments such as concierge, retail, and gatehouse.

We look for staff who are team players and can also work autonomously. One of our key qualities is having the initiative to go above and beyond to solve problems, see issues that need to be addressed and reported, and find solutions for potential problems before they happen.  


There are specific training requirements for some Class 1 and Class 2 security licences.

A list of government approved training organisations can be found here[1]. Some courses under JobTrainer are fully funded by the NSW and federal governments[2]. They include written and practical assessments that provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and procedural requirements needed to conduct security services. Some of the following modules are included in the curriculum:[3]

  • Monitoring and controlling individual person/crowd behaviour to maintain security
  • Applying risk assessment to select and carry out a response to security risk situations this information was taken directly from the dept of education skills and training site
  • WHS and emergency response and evacuation procedures
  • How to monitor, and control access and exit of persons and vehicles form the premises\patrolling and monitoring properties to maintain security.
  • First Aid training
  • Communication skills
  • Legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team.
  • Screening people and personal effects to maintaining security


After a person attains their security officer qualification, they must apply for a Security Operative Licence through Services NSW[4]. A person must not perform any security activities unless the person is a holder of a Class 1or Class 2 licence[5]. A Class 1 or a Class 2 Licence can be renewed for 1-year or a 5-year term. A schedule of fees for 2022 can be found in the link below[6]. Even after a potential officer undertakes their training and attains their security qualification, they are required to meet other suitability criteria when applying for their licence.

This criterion includes, but is not limited to, being a fit and proper person, having the competency and experience required to be a security officer, and being an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Other related suitability criteria include absence of criminal conviction and involvement in corrupt conduct[7].

Our Ideal Candidates

These standards are integral to the selection of our security officers. We purposefully select officers that uphold some of our values, including, integrity, honesty, and reliability. Strict adherence to rules and requirements of security offices is central to our operation.

We are currently experiencing an exciting period of growth and are currently recruiting security officers to help us fulfill our mission to provide high level security services to our clients. At Urban Protection Group, we offer a fulfilling career in the security services industry. We are an employer of choice, and our careers program provides you with further on the job training to kickstart your career.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and engaging work environment where we reward talent and hard work. If you’re interested in learning more about a great career that provides a work life balance and opportunities for career growth, contact us by clicking here to provide your expression of interest.

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